About Us

Monsters Keep Going.

The emergence of Grays Lake FC is as mystical as it is memorable. Founded in 1917 by a group of football-mad lads living near the lake, the club wasnt always the championship-winning outfit it is today. Only after an inadvertent encounter with the mythical creature in the lake a twelve-foot reptile rarely sighted did the Sunday League strugglers morph into The Monsters, synonymous with mighty, sublime football.

From Mad Lads to Monsters.

The real story of Grays Lake FC begins at the end of their almost disastrous debut season in the Iowa State League. One game away from relegation, without a fit goalkeeper, survival appeared impossible. A growing unrest persisted among the players, who lamented the lack of proper training facilities (the groundskeeper, who was also the kit manager and team doctor, had avoided mowing the field for several weeks due to a severe heat-wave).

Before the crunch game, the team went for a swim down at the lake. On a famously overcast, wet day in Des Moines, they met the Grays Lake monster. Players described it as long-necked and scaly, but not terrifying. It bared its teeth at them in a kind of smile, then disappeared again below the surface. Awestruck rather than frightened, the team returned to the waters edge with renewed vigor. A monumental victory followed the first of many in the glorious decades thereafter.

With the grace of a Monster.

Grays Lake FC is the embodiment of mighty, marvelous football. Fearless attack and resilient defense ooze through each era of the clubs trophy-filled history.

This is the Beautiful Game played with the same smooth grace as the magnificent, mysterious beast at the bottom of the lake.

Even if you barely see it, youll feel it at each game. Keeping us going.